Church Life

At Genesis Church we strongly encourage our people to actively live out their faith; in the workplaces, neighbourhood, community and church. We believe our role at Genesis is to equip and encourage each other, recognising everything we do is an extension of the relationship we have with God.

For some this will be in the market-place; demonstrating love, Christian values and spiritual insight as they go about their career or run their business.

Others will be involved in practical local care and concern, within community service of many types, or perhaps participation in programs from Genesis Church or the broader Church body on the Gold Coast.

Many will also be involved in aspects of weekly church activities and support – perhaps part of our worship bands, youth team, admin, cleaning or sharing a thought or encouragement during our services.

Some will have a key role to play in the life of the church, providing teaching, pastoral support and leadership to the family at Genesis Church.


Babies & Toddlers: Genesis Church runs a playgroup every Friday morning from 10am to 11.30am in our downstairs function room.
A parent’s room with full view of the main auditorium is available at 10am service.

Children: Our primary school aged program, ‘JETz’, meets on Friday nights during the school term from 5pm to 6.15pm. A meal is available from 6.15pm.
‘Kids church’  (JAM – Jesus and me) operates during the teaching time of most school term Sunday services.

Youth: Revamp Youth meets from 7pm to 9pm on Friday nights during the school term.

Young Adults: Our young adults organise their own social and worship program. We highly value the input of our young adults in the life of Genesis and are committed to their personal growth, spiritually and emotionally.
While every adult has access to the regular teaching programs of Genesis Church, our young adults are also encouraged to enter into regular one-to-one input from one of our pastoral team.


Genesis Church has a strong heart for the local community of Nerang and the surrounding suburbs and encourage our people to be as involved as they are able. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we look first for existing programs run by other churches and community organisations, supporting those where we can. More information about our own programs is available on the CityLink page of this site.

Radiance: A Program for girls at Nerang Primary School.

Chaplaincy Support – We actively support the work of school chaplains at Nerang High School, Nerang Primary School and Merrimac Primary School.


As a church we support Mission Educate, an Australian aid organisation working to see transformation and hope in Mozambique.

Genesis Church are also financially and practically involved with Rescue Mission for Children, supporting their work amongst the Akha people of North Thailand. We commenced the first of regular support and maintenance trips to the work in Chiang Rai, Thailand in September 2015.